Welcome to The Pretty Pink Studio

About The Pretty Pink Studio

The Pretty Pink Studio is a Latina and Canadian-owned stationery, art and gift shop based in Ontario, Canada. We offer colourful, femme and child-like greeting cards, art prints, paper goods and gifts. Each design is thoughtfully illustrated and truly reflects our passion for drawing and creating art for others. We believe that art and stationery can help you celebrate everyday life moments and evoke a sense of joy and inspiration.

About the Artist

Hello there! I'm Denise, a proud Canadian illustrator and the creative force behind The Pretty Pink Studio. My artistic journey began in 2015, right after I graduated from university. With a lifelong passion for drawing since childhood, becoming an artist was always my dream.

My cozy home studio in a charming Ontario town is where the magic happens. From this desk, I bring illustrations to life, design, print, cut, and lovingly package each creation. When I'm not immersed in my creative work, you might catch me at the local library, whipping up delicious tacos, enjoying a Princess Diaries marathon, or exploring new places with my husband, Jeff.


My passion lies in the world of illustration, stationery, vibrant colours, home decor and patterns. I draw inspiration from the enchanting pages of children's picture books, the beauty of everyday life, emotions, and captivating patterns. It's no secret—pink is my favourite colour, but you probably already knew that.