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Custom Children’s Illustration

Custom Children’s Illustration

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Illustrating children is by far one of our favourite subjects to draw. They're enjoyable and full of so much energy. And let's be honest, they're adorable!

A custom illustration is more than just a picture you can hang on a wall. The art is filled with memories and emotions that you or someone you know will cherish for a lifetime. They are perfect for any occasion and make for a unique gift. Nothing is more special than receiving a custom piece of someone who fills your life with joy and love.


This listing is for children between 12 months to 8 years old. We're only accepting young children as it works well with our illustrating style.

Why? Because children's illustrations are much different from teen or adult drawings. Children are generally drawn with larger heads, eyes, and ears; their bodies are drawn much smaller. We love the uniqueness of children's drawings, so we'll stick to this for now!

If the child (teen or adult) is older than eight years, we can draw them too! You must choose an age between 12 months - 8 years and add reference photos to your questionnaire (more info below).


The illustration will be made digitally from a photo(s) using an iPad. Your custom illustration will be printed on 8 x 10-inch high-quality paper, hand signed by the artist, packaged nicely and shipped to the address provided upon purchase.

The frames in the photos are for styling purposes only. You will not receive a frame with your order, and the paper is a standard size. You should have no issues finding a beautiful matching frame at a local home decor or craft store.

After you place your order, we'll send you a questionnaire that you'll need to fill out before we can begin your drawing. We'll ask questions like name, age, and favourite colour. We'll also ask you to add reference photos to the questionnaire.

Please know that your images will only be used to complete your illustration and will not be shared and deleted immediately after completing your order.


This particular listing is for personal use only. You can not make copies of your custom illustration, sell, redistribute, alter or use it to promote your business. The artist reserves the rights to all completed custom illustrations and will use the image for future promotional material and portfolio.


• Select your preferences in the drop-down menu
• Purchase the listing
• Wait for an email from us with a link to a questionnaire
• Respond to our questionnaire as soon as possible


• Expect the first sketch within 7-10 business days after payment and completion of your questionnaire for approval
• Illustrator will proceed to complete the final illustration
• A low-res copy of the final illustration will be sent to you via email within 7-10 business days for approval
• Once the final illustration is approved, the illustrator will mark your order as complete and will proceed to package and ship your order
• The illustrator may contact you if further information is required


• Sketches must be approved no more than five days after the illustrator has sent the email
• Late responses/approval will prolong the turnaround time
• Only two minor revisions are included in this order
• There are additional charges for significant revisions and more than two minor revisions
Our illustration style is animated; therefore, your illustration will not be realistic and may not look exactly like the child(ren)
• Please look at photo examples before proceeding with your order, so you're not surprised by our drawing style
• If you're unsatisfied with the final illustration, please see our cancellation and refund policy below

 • Remember to be kind; every artist has their unique style


First sketch: if there is no approval after two weeks, the order will be cancelled, and a partial refund will be issued for the cost of time and the first draft. The artist reserves to right to keep 25% of the final price to cover time and the first sketch
• Full refunds may be issued before the first draft of your illustration
• Partial refunds of 50% are available AFTER the first draft is completed and BEFORE revisions are made
• The artist reserves the rights to all cancelled custom illustrations
• Refunds will not be issued after the customer requests revisions or approves the final illustration

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